GlassLess 3D Technology Will Featured in Next Avatar Sequel

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Watching movies experience has greatly improved over the past few decades. Technology has embraced innovations that are mind blowing. The movie and film (cinema) production technology has gone wild and viral in these days. People who love going to the cinemas can give you the full dose of the narrative of how interesting the experience is.

I vividly remember my first encounter with the virtual reality gadgets. I wore the gadget and I was amazed to notice how real it looked, and to an extent, I could feel the actual effect. With the introduction of the Glassless 3D technology, you can imagine how the experience will be blasting, and interesting that would be. The way we perceive the current technology has greatly improved and beyond our understanding.

Although such technology are already in existence, that are capable of rudimentary versions of glassesless 3D, plenty of cinemas across the world at least 3D systems installed, back then after Avatar was released. If the technology is effectively developed, it may in effect transform the film industry for entertainment. Avatar producers are eyeing at featuring the intelligent use of GLASSLESS 3D to produce the Avatar 2. This will be very much amount.

Very Comfortable

Many people will so far very much agree that these are arguably the best movie watching experience of the century. In spite of being compatible with variety of existing TV’s, very high quality images of an undoubtedly and unparalleled clarity would be achieved by the modern glassless 3D technology. Furthermore, you do not need to wear any gadget over your face to get the 3D images perfect and right; therefore you can watch your movies for quite a longer time, also the risks of contracting eye defects is likely to be hugely reduced.

Simple setup

The glass less 3D definitely comprise of a simple set up, since it uses the Tvs idea to incorporate the technology so we do not need to buy the gadgets to wear in order to achieve the 3D effect.

Practically everything about these non-glasses 3d is of advantage to you as a consumer. And much more still, these glasses will have nothing to counter your prescription glasses, which only make things better. With them, you can watch countless hours of TV without the slightest inclination to fatigue because this technology level of comfort is enough to make your experience amazing.

Controlled light intensity

The modern glassless 3D glasses are fitted with features, that are able to control the light intensity and thus prevents damage to the eye system. This very is essential in maintaining the health of your eye as a viewer. The graduation from wearing gadgets changes the whole perception of having side effects in using the 3d glasses technology. It is free from dangerous ultra-rays.

Amazing viewing experience

Glass Less 3D Technology

Glasses 3D is the new definition of real world view. It brings more interesting and comfortable view for realistic images. There has been tremendous improvement in the way film or movie images are presented on the screens. Viewer’s no longer need to wear certain objects to enhance the 3 dimension view, but rather able to feel more comfortable with the idea behind the movie production.

The average human eye requires an approximately up to 50 frames per second in order successfully to see film as one hell of continuous image. Glassless 3D can effectively half that so every eye can only see 25 frames per second and get some interesting nauseating flicker. Modern technology has the ability to significantly achieve that required frame rate. So that we can achieve the illusion of 3D on our modern television sets.

Technological intelligence

Glass less 3D incorporates more tech-abilities that goes beyond the normal RGB projectors keeping up with high frame rates, glass-less 3D movie technology already has found it’s way in the rare global market. It’s now supposed to be replicated in the market to bring more enhancement in the movie production and consumption. Many researchers have made quite a step in bringing better understanding and experience in this industry. This kind of technology has been viewed to be technical, yet simple and of high degree of sophisticated science that involves a lot of knowledge and skills to be able to give out such interesting outputs.

Movies for instance like Avatar is expected as soon as possible to employ the use of this current movie technology of glassless 3D in its second cast, named Avatar 2. The producers expect to be able to read more from this technology despite its expensive nature. The producers of this cast have promised to feature the technology to produce Avatar 2.

This physical state of having to watch 3D images is the absolute reason we are capable of seeing 3D in the real world due to each eye sees a slightly different view of what is in front of it, and then transmits achieved view to our brain. The brain intelligently then combines those two images into desired view.

However, glasses-free 3D TVs are now marketed more to the business and institutional community globally. They are consumed significantly in digital signage display advertising. However, they are not generally promoted to consumers in the the whole world. However, you may find to purchase one of professional models offered by Stream TV networks or IZON technologies. The sets are found in the 50 and 65-inch screen sizes, and they carry very high price tags.

Differently, these TVs amazing and groundbreaking is that they can be able to sport 4K resolution (four times more pixels than 1080p) for 2D images, and full 1080p for each eye in 3D mode technology, and thus the effect 3D viewing. It is able to support a number of views without necessarily having each and every one wearing the 3D glasses in order to get the experience.

The glasses 3D experience is about to take full control in the near future, thus may be able to boost the movie watching experience and the film production industry universally.

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