Write for us!

What should I write about? What topics?

Hopefully –you’re trying to write for futurescope – you have a good idea of the type of content regularly published on this site. If you not any idea, please browse around and get a touch for the place.

Most pitches are for “high-level” ideas. Rather than really dig into a simple topic, these posts express in sci-tech and merely unique.

Looking for posts that will make my readers go “amazing”. Posts they can’t wait to share with their friends. Posts people won’t forget & browse again, later.

What about article standard or quality?

We are most concern about the quality of post. Below are some facts we maintain strictly.

  • Article should be SEO optimized (please have a look: How To Write Perfect SEO-Optimized Articles in WordPress ). Provide a meta-description of your article with a keyword (if possible)
  • A good readability catch the readers of all groups. Which is easily understandable of topics that are more complex. We prioritize that strongly. More to check out of Flesch reading ease score.
  • Passive voice makes unclear of content subject. That also tend to be hard and unattractive to read. Lear more of content analysis with passive voice.
  • Avoid any thin content. We scan your content to ensure it has never been published anywhere else on the web. Duplicate or any else bad resource content can spoil both site, so best to avoid that problem.
  • Finally, if you want to viral of your content or want to grab attraction to the readers and rank to it search engine than SEO copywriting may help you lot!
  • Gambling, Drugs, Adult contents won’t be allowed as these contents are violating Google guidelines.
  • Wisely use of Good Transition Words as google loves that!
  • We strongly recommended to check your article with Copyscape Premium before to send us!

What about length of posts?

This is a big one questions. As we can’t express shortly or less informative, guest posts should be a minimum of 1,500 words.

And this doesn’t mean write 1,000 words and add another 500 of filler. If anything, it means you should try to write 2,000 words and edit down to 1,500 words. Your post will be crisper, clearer, and far more likely to be accepted.

What about links?

Your post can contain links to other, relevant things you have written (provided we approve of them, and provided the links make sense within the post), as well as links to other, relevant sources (blog posts of others, research area, tech magazine etc.).

Should I include photos?

Yes, but only if you have permission to use them. If you’re using a Creative Commons image, be sure to provide its link so we can give proper credit to the owner. Screenshots are welcomed and encouraged.

There are also helpful sites with free images like Pixabay & PEXELS.  Please make sure images are smaller than 1000 x 1000. Here is a link for an easy-to-use website to resize images: PicResize & TinyPNG.

To ensure they look the best, please use images with widths of 720px or larger.

Profanity, adult subject matter, crude humor, and the like are prohibited. This is a tech site, so if you want to be published on futurescope you have to keep it clean. This is not a place to be political, preachy, or polarizing. Think “slice of life” not “in your face.”

What should I do after publishing?

It’s expected you will promote the post on social media and email it to your list of subscribers (if you have one). It’s also expected you will be active and timely in the comments section.

Who retains ownership of my post?

You will always be credited as the author, but once your post has been published on futurescope.co, it becomes the property of futurescope.co

We keep full right to make change/modify of any article in future.

In short: You’re the author, but you’re giving over ownership to it.

This means you shouldn’t publish it elsewhere. It also means you shouldn’t take it, tweak the title, change a few words here and there, and publish it elsewhere. Google won’t like that (and neither would we).

Can I be a regular contributor?

If you prove to be a quality writer who actively promotes his/her guest posts and interacts with readers in the blog, I may ask you to write on a recurring basis.

Please email photos in jpg format, we prefer landscape or square format.

Please include a short bio, 3-4 sentences, as serious or silly as you want to be. If you find this difficult, we may be able to write one for you.

You may also send us links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts and they will show up in your bio box.

What will happen after I submit my pitch?

Once you submit your pitch, we’ll review it. If your pitch is accepted, I will send you an invitation to edit.

After your draft is complete, you’ll send me a quick email and the editing process will begin.

We’ll repeat as necessary.

Please Note: Your post will not be scheduled for publication until it’s met the futurescope.co standards. Don’t feel bad. Even great blogs author get edited.

*DISCLAIMER: Submission does not guarantee publishing. We may not be able to use your piece for a variety of reasons. Futurescope.co editors have worded it nicely: “Please don’t be offended if we suggest changes.”

Benefits of Publish on Futurescope :-

  1. Author Profile Below the Blog Post.
  2. Your will get permanent SEO friendly backlinks for your Business. Once your article published with us make sure we will never delete.  Be aware who has intention to doing spam SEO, ugly digital marketing by notorious freelancer or others.  We don’t provide link to any affiliate link, adult, porn, dating else or service oriented blog/website.
  3. Futurescope is Increasing day by day,so you are getting more highly targeted traffic to your site.
  4. We will share Your Name,Website URL, Facebook, Twitter ,Google+.
  5. Increased exposure, traffic, loyal readers and SEO for your blog.
  6. You will get life long real tech guys reader from us.
  7. Alexa Rank is  of  (as increasing per day)
  8. Top Page Google Rankings with Several highly Competitive Keywords
  9. Experiencing 10-15% growth each month

We do support the following Categories

Gadgets | Gear | Home Appliance | Smartphone | Apps-Software | Artificial-Intelligence-AI | Programming | Science | Web | Lifehacks | Techbuzz

Anything else I should know?

We discourage not to send article, who has intention to doing Blackhat SEO, Digital Marketing purpose or other else. As we, are not looking after them now.

Also we like to mention:

  • Your post needs to be free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • SEO friendly article, Keep “keyword” in mind for that also.
  • It needs to be insightful, helpful, and worthwhile.
  • It needs to be new and unique. By that I mean it has not been previously published in any form.
  • It should be written in a conversational style. In other words, the fewer similarities to Russian literature the better.
  • It should keep paragraphs short. White space is your friend.
  • It should break up sections using H2, H3, or H4 headings (like I’m doing on this page). This helps with clarity.
  • Please let us know if you DO NOT want your name and/or photo included, we do accept anonymous posts.

How to submit your pitch

Got all that? Good. 🙂