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If you love anime videos, we guess that you have heard of Kissanime, a site that lets you stream or download your favorite episodes. It has over 7000 new and old romance, supernatural, short series, thrillers, drama, parodies, martial arts, horror, and comedy anime. You can barely miss your preferential title on this free-to-access website.

Why is Kissanime ranked among the best sites for streaming anime episodes?

This anime streaming website lets you share favorite episodes with your friends and relatives via email. Sharing videos help you develop active connections with peers who love anime. Kissanime’s anime videos come in HD quality, a video technology that provides images with excellent resolution. The visual quality motivates you to watch your favorite episodes from the start to end. Kissanime is an excellent option for paid anime streaming sites. It lets you watch, download, and or share videos without spending a penny. You only need a stable internet to access the website.  This anime streaming website has a mobile-friendly platform to let you watch or download videos using your tablet or smartphone. As well, you can access the platform using your desktop or laptop. Are you tired of streaming videos on sites with many pop-up ads? If you are, it is time to migrate to issanime. The video streaming site eliminates pop-up ads to let you have a fantastic video streaming experience.

Should you create a user account to access Kissanime’s video library?

Are you afraid of submitting your private details to less secure websites? If you are, then this free anime streaming site would be an appropriate choice. You can stream or download anime episodes without signing up for a user account.

However, creating a user account comes along with premium features that would improve your user experience. For instance, the user account lets you create a record of videos you have watched, receive notifications on new videos, as well as share your favorite episodes with friends.

Moreover, creating a user account lets you join KissCommunity, a platform that unites peers who adulate anime videos. On KissCommunity, anime enthusiasts provide solutions to technical issues on Kissanime’s streaming platform. Also, the peers suggest some of the best anime videos you would want to watch.

Is Kissanime legal?

The site has no permission to host free anime videos. Therefore, kissanime is not legal. In fact, this is one of the reasons why its two official sites ( and Kissanime.tu) were shut down by law enforcement authorities.

However, you shouldn’t be afraid to access the site since the legal agencies deal with website’ owners who upload videos without permission. No law prohibits end-users from accessing free web content.

If you feel scared, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the site. A VPN lets you browse anonymously by masking your IP address, personal information, passwords, and other sensitive information. It will keep you safe from the authorities.

If you are on a budget, shop around for a free VPN instead of purchasing a premium type. The internet has several free VPNs that can give you the anonymity you need to stream or download the anime videos.

Apart from using a Virtual Private Network, refrain from uploading video content downloaded from the anime streaming site. Uploading the videos without permission can attract a legal penalty.

Is Kissanime safe?

Yes, Kissanime’s official website is one of the safest anime streaming sites for adults and kids. It is free of viruses that can damage your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and spyware, which can steal your personal information. This site uses secure SSL to protect your personal information from hackers and spammers.

However, there are several kissanime replacement official websites. Most of the kissanime substitute contain spyware used by hackers and spammers to steal your sensitive information, and they have fewer videos. Also, some of these replicas have viruses and pop up ads that may compromise your internet security. 

On that account, you should only use Kissanime’s accredited websites to stream or download your anime episodes. As well, you can invest in an authentic ad blocker to eliminate pop up ads.

Which Kissanime is safe?

In the past, Kissanime used and Kissanime.tu as its primary official websites. Though, law enforcement agencies pulled down the official sites. At present, you can access the anime platform through Avoid any other website that tries to mimic the anime streaming site’s URL.

How does Kissanime work?

Kissanime’s has a user-friendly interface to let you find, play, or download your favorite anime within a few seconds. You don’t need any prior familiarity to start having fun on this site.

There are two primary ways to find the specific episode you need. First, you can find your videos using the site’s search bar. Type the title of the anime you need, and click on the search tab. Kissanime will display results correlated to the title you typed into the search filter. Skim through the results to stream or download the title you wanted.

Second, you can pick your favorite video from the categories listed on Kissanime’s homepage. How? Go to the genres categorized on the right side of your monitor. Click on your desired genre to display all anime episodes in that classification. Peruse through the list to find the anime you need.

After finding your preferred anime episode, you can decide to stream or download it. If you want to download, scroll down till you see the “Mobile/Download” option. Click to download and save the video for future viewing. If you want to stream, click or tap on the “Play Video” sign.

Final Verdict: Is KissAnime Safe?

Kissanime is a secure streaming website for both kids and adults. It uses the SSL technology to guard your sensitive information from hackers, spammers, and other malicious people. Moreover, the site is free of viruses that can compromise your computer’s performance and spyware that can steal your private information. However, you should be wary of mirror sites that mimic Kissanime’s official website. The mirror sites might contain viruses, spyware. Better try to find kissanime alternatives or kissanime substitute sites.

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