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Animefreak.TV has been a leading choice for people in need of Anime episodes. You are likely to find other variations such as Anime Freaks, Animefreakz, Anime Freak, Anime Freak TV or Animefreak TV. They all refer to the same platform. The website allows streaming of millions of animation episodes and series, both dubbed and subbed, at no cost. One of the reasons the website has a huge following is its mobile-responsive website design.  You will find navigation from the top right to the left side easy. The registration process is very easy to complete too. 

And if you are among the individuals who prefer downloading videos onto their device for later watching, you will easily do that on Anime Freaks. You can view the anime content by tile, grid and image form. After completing the registration, you can search for the animes you need. But if the content you need is not available on the site, the following AnimeFreak alternative might be helpful.

Kissanime has been around for a long time and it is among the best AnimeFreak alternatives to try. It offers animes in 240p, 270p and 1080p HD format, meaning that you should not expect any low-quality content. Unfortunately, the website runs on JavaScript, which does not offer mini browsers. To stream the offered anime episodes or download them, you have to create an account. After completing the registration process successfully, join the community discussions.

One of the things you will love about this Watch Anime Freak alternative is that it comes with a very clean interface. You will find the navigation through the full series, highly rated series and genres listings are very easy. If your goal is to keep up with anime gossips, you can choose to watch the trending animes or those you love. Most of the animes available on are subbed and they come in HD quality. Subbed animes lovers find this site a good starting place. Expect very few advertisements. 


Hulu offers a wide range of content, meaning that you will find what you need. The site has been a leading choice for people who need to stream online TV series at no cost. Expect to find online full episodes of each series and season for full entertainment. Although the Hulu content is available at a price, the internet offers many programs that allow you to access the animes at no cost. Hulu is accessible through desktop computers and mobile devices.

For the die-hard anime fans, 9anime is a great destination and a great AnimeFreak alternative. The amazing anime website is almost ad-free and hosts a wide range of epic anime series. A large number of dubbed and subbed anime series provides you with something new to try each day.  Not every platform will allow you to stream dubbed anime series at no cost. To make a personal collection, you only need to download as many series as possible and save them on your device. is another popular anime website to try if you are a lover of dubbed animes. The first thing that you will realize is that the website is very clean with easier to access the content. It offers over 2500 dubbed animes in High Definition video quality to try each day. Use the recommended animes tab to discover new content or the search feature to get your desired content. Most anime websites provide subbed anime solely and they might not be beneficial to you. 


Horriblesubs rarely misses in the lists of best anime providers, but today it is in the list of the best AnimeFreak TV alternatives. Its search bar feature helps you find your favourite animes, but if you need the most recent releases, you need to check updates on the homepage from time to time. On the left sidebar, the website displays the day’s schedule, the current time and the past announcements. At the bottom part of every page, you will find the Featured Comments, which should help you differentiate the good animes from the bad ones. The menu offers various options such as Current season, shows, IRC (IRC Channel, Gudie and Packlink), schedule, social media links and a FAQ section. is among the popular Anime Freak TV alternatives. The site provides a unique user interface that is not only easy to navigate but also allows the discovery of new anime shows. Keep in mind that most of the proposed choices are of paid websites and free sites will only popup from time to time. The homepage is straightforward and simplistic with a stunningly beautiful interface and without any ads. All the features make a good AnimeFreak TV alternative. 


Funimation is another great alternative to animefreak and it provides a large collection of anime series – one of the best known being America. To help you select the best anime series alone, the website offers brief description below each video. After getting the content you need, you can download it onto your device after completing the registration process. You will love the many content categories and offered genres. The best thing is that they are all available at a low price. 


For people who love streaming anime content from the legit websites, Daikuki is a good place to start. Propelled by key Japanese anime producers, the site has been offering great content for you to try. Along that line, the website offers everything from anime world. If your goal is to stream the highest quality anime videos, you need to try the most recent. You will love each of your streaming sessions. 


BabyAnime offers dubbed video series with English subtitles at no cost. As a user, you will access both the classic and latest updated anime videos without any limitations. The website does not require any registration. All you need to do is open the homepage and search for your favourite series. 

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting down to enjoy anime shows. Western and American dramas will last for over one hour per story. No one would want to sit for that long to follow just one story. On the other hand, animes come as half-hour instalments offering vibrant colours, engaging drama, off-the-wall comedy and frenetic action.

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