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Planning a garage is crucial as a garage is a crucial space that need to serve the purpose conveniently without creating problems. Or, if you are asking why you need a well-designed garage-then you got the answer. Owing to the functions of a garage, it cannot be designed haphazardly. A garage need to be carefully thought of. A garage planner needs a design software to help him come up with a functional garage that’s fits well in the entire house layout plan.

To make garage designer work easier, there are software that a manufactured to purely deal with garage design. The software allows you to visualize what you want and make the changes before you go to implement the design. It gives the opportunity to see your garage and assess how it will function. You are free to change the design until the garage meets your need.

Free and paid garage design softwares

Online, you will come across free software, and paid soft wares too. It is upon you to choose which one you need. When looking garage design software for personal and short-term use, you can go for the free soft wares. If you are looking for garage design software for commercial and long-term use, then paid software is the best choice for you. The software will come with extra features which can be free software package. 

 The reason many people go for paid version of the design softwares is because they want more than the free versions can offer. Also, when designing a garage, you need to visualise the entire building which may be impossible with a free version. The paid version allows you to get every detail of the entire house design, not just the garage.

If you have been wondering whether there is garage designing software, then you are in the place to get all the information you need. Read this post to the end. Here, we will give you a list of the best garage design softwares you will find in the market. You will give you brief information about the software to enable you make a sound decision.


This software is useful in house is not software for designing garages specifically, but it’s used house design. It’s important to that in most homes the garage is attached to the main house and there is a way those house spaces interact with the garage. Floor planner comes in hand as it allows to draw and visualize the whole project in soft-copy before implementation. You can establish the best place to have the garage as you look into the way it will relate with the other house spaces.

Floor planner allows you house image in both 2D and 3D. You can render your drawing to fit your visual imagination of how you want the garage to be. The software is available as a garage design app too which allows to access the images and software on an iPad and iPhone.


Sketch is a free design software with paid options too. You can use the software to sketch the garage you want.

The software has a training options where you can learn how to use it. It has a library with a lot of design item options to choose from.

The benefit and reliability of this software is undisputable since it’s owned by google.


Using the software, you can design the garage by choosing the size of the garage you want. After being defining the sizes, you can fit different items you would properly store in the garage to see if they will fit in the defined space. You can place doors at the sides for accessing the garage.

The software does not give a detailed end product of a garage design, but it’s useful in enabling you get a general visualization of your garage. This is a great and easy to-to-use garage layout software for beginners.


Big hammer provides software that deals with garages only. The software is easy to use, so you need not have prior skills. Also, the software can be accessed and used online as long as you have internet and the gadget you are using supports garage software.

You can open a 3D mode to view how your design will look in reality. There are few users you this software which make the software give you top-notch serve. The customer representatives are good at their work too. The softwares allow you to choose the materials to use, so you determine the cost of the garage.


Chief architect software allows you visualize the whole house design. The softwares give you the options of choosing the materials with a 3D which gives you the real picture of the texture and color of the materials chosen.

You can rent the software which is affordable as compared to buying the software. The rented version is available for a limited timeframe, but it contains all the features.


RoomSketcher is an easy-to-use software which allows you to design the entire house floor plan. The software is available for both online use and offline use. If you would like to use the software offline, you need to download and install the app on your device.

The software allows to upload the existing drawings for easy editing and adjustments to fit your garage needs.


Sketch up pro design software version, gives a lot of benefits as opposed to free version which give limited features. Sketch Up pro software can be used offline, so you need to install it to use it.

The sketch up pro allows you to export the drawings to other softwares for further detailing. You can get technical support whenever you face a challenge in using the software. The sketchUp pro is a good option for commercial use since it’s licenced.


With the above software options, when you want to design a garage, you can easily pick the one that serves you best. While the paid softwares are great with elaborate features, getting a free garage design software for a small garage design work can be the best option.

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